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Please understand the success of your trip CAN BE (not always) influenced by weather conditions. Some of our most memorable trips took place in thick fog though! The weather changes A LOT here and forecasting is often (only) so-so. Our cancellation policy is based on time of departure because weather changes so much and so fast. The tide direction, wind direction and speed affects us more than showers or fog.

Also, we are prepared to take people that want to try even when weather is BAD (must be appropriate for safety of equipment,... of people is a given) and other companies have cancelled. We are very seasoned travellers ourselves and know what it is like/all about. We have "pulled a rabbit out of the hat" so many times, I don't know how there could be sooo many in there! :-) ... BIG difference is (as so many say): "Worth it just for the Zodiac Ride". We guarantee seals, seabirds and a fun ride! ... We do a lot of shorter "seal watch adventure rides" (to often include the Balancing Rock viewing) when the weather is bad too.

PLEASE NOTE - use these links with caution. Please do not try to interpret impact(s) on trip(s) without discussing with us first.



some serious fog on a whale watching trip on the Bay of Fundy

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One of the highlights of a lifetime ... your knowledge of the whales enhanced the experience immeasureably as did seeing them in the Zodiac™, which put us to close to them. I can't imagine a better way to see whales!
- P. Hogen, Connecticut

Bay of Fundy Recommended Experience   Nova Scotia Approved  35th Anniversary 

An earned designation from the Bay of Fundy Tourism Partnership, dedicated
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phenomenal Bay of Fundy.

This designation is awarded to Bay of Fundy accommodations, attractions
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Zodiac™ is a registered trademark of Zodiac International and refers to a brand of inflatable boat.