Ocean Explorations
Whale Adventures

Later in the summer, special trips to look for Right whales (possibly the most endangered whale species) might be arranged and special dedicated Seabird trips can be reserved. Because of the increasing number of fishermen running cruises, we might make the trips (fast!) far out in the middle of the bay for right whales more frequently. Puffins are commonly seen mid/late July through October. The small fast inflatables are best suited for those that wish to observe seals along the shore. Make sure you tell your guide, if you hope to see seals!
Two humpback whales pass close by as a playful
dolphin jumps up to check us out.

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One of the highlights of a lifetime ... your knowledge of the whales enhanced the experience immeasureably as did seeing them in the Zodiac™, which put us to close to them. I can't imagine a better way to see whales!
- P. Hogen, Connecticut

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